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Osborn Strategic Plan


The mission of Osborn Two-Way Immersion Academy, a leading bilingual school, is to ensure all students become intrinsically motivated learners achieving linguistic and academic excellence while fostering positive cross-cultural understanding

by providing research-validated instruction that engages and meets the needs of all students, as we develop partnerships and collaborate with educators, support staff, families and the global community within a welcoming environment.


  • Each student will demonstrate linguistic and academic excellence in both Spanish and English.
  • Each student will develop and consistently demonstrate cross-cultural understanding necessary to contribute and succeed in our global society.
  • Each student will choose civility and consistently demonstrate positive character traits while recognizing individual differences.  
  • Each student will set and achieve positive personal and academic goals.


We will

  1. use research-validated instructional strategies to meet the standards-based linguistic and academic needs of all students.
  2. develop a graduated system that will support students in setting positive personal and academic goals.
  3. teach, model and reward civility, positive character traits and a respect for individual differences.
  4. consistently expose students to positive cross-cultural experiences.