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Osborn Two-Way Immersion Academy

201 North Soderquist Road

Turlock, CA 95380

(209) 667-0893

(209) 668-3910 (FAX)


Email any teacher by clicking the envelope next to his/her name.

Teacher Websites

Teachers whose names appear in blue have a website that can be accessed by clicking on his/her name.  


Contact Ed Ewing  Ed Ewing Principal
Contact Jose Perez  Jose Perez Assistant Principal

Classified Staff

Contact Michelle Carrillo  Michelle Carrillo Secretary
Contact Letty Lopez  Letty Lopez Family Service Worker
Contact Liz Lopez-Gonzalez  Liz Lopez-Gonzalez Librarian
Contact Alicia Miranda  Alicia Miranda Health Tech
Contact Leticia Mora  Leticia Mora Community Liason
Contact Diana Sandoval  Diana Sandoval Office
Contact Diane Springer  Diane Springer Secretary

Support Staff

Contact Mary Anacleto  Mary Anacleto Early Literacy
Contact Ramesh Banavath  Ramesh Banavath Speech Language Pathologist
Contact Sandra Diaz  Sandra Diaz Resource Teacher
Contact Sandra Estrada  Sandra Estrada Resource Teacher
Contact Laura Perez  Laura Perez Instructional Coach

Music Teachers

Contact Dan Ijams  Dan Ijams Music Teacher


Contact Yesenia Covarruvias  Yesenia Covarruvias Teacher
Contact Gabriela Valladolid  Gabriela Valladolid Teacher

Osborn Staff

Contact Susana Mercado  Susana Mercado Teacher


Contact Elizabeth Covarrubias  Elizabeth Covarrubias Teacher
Contact Maria Galvez  Maria Galvez Teacher
Contact Lorena Gonzalez  Lorena Gonzalez Teacher
Contact Grauben Rodriguez  Grauben Rodriguez Teacher
Contact Jessica Rodriguez  Jessica Rodriguez Teacher
Contact Jessica Zavalza  Jessica Zavalza Teacher

First Grade

Contact Magdalena Carbajal  Magdalena Carbajal Teacher
Contact Carolina Cortes  Carolina Cortes Teacher
Contact Sonia Cruz  Sonia Cruz Teacher
Contact Alma Fagundes  Alma Fagundes Teacher
Contact Rosalva Sanchez  Rosalva Sanchez Teacher
Contact Nelida Velasquez  Nelida Velasquez Teacher

Second Grade

Contact Marta Mejia  Marta Mejia Teacher
Contact Laura Padilla  Laura Padilla Teacher
Contact Cristina Perez  Cristina Perez Teacher
Contact Felice Rodriguez  Felice Rodriguez Teacher
Contact Francisco Vega  Francisco Vega Sys Admin
Contact Deborah Washburn  Deborah Washburn Teacher

Third Grade

Contact Adriana Diaz  Adriana Diaz Teacher
Contact Julissa Garcia  Julissa Garcia Teacher
Contact Therese Marquez  Therese Marquez Teacher
Contact Elizabeth Martinez  Elizabeth Martinez Teacher
Contact Sonia Olaguez  Sonia Olaguez Teacher
Contact Marisa Torres  Marisa Torres Teacher
Contact Sra. Álvarez~  Sra. Álvarez~ Teacher

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade